I was on Mahogany Curls website looking at how she used to style her TWA [ http://www.mahoganycurls.com/2011/02/wash-n-go-chronicles-twa.html} . I already do the same regimen but I got inspired to try some old products i had under the sink from when i was relaxed. I used The Paul Mitchels “extra body” daily conditioner as a co-wash then i rinsed it out. 2 then applied Garnier Fructis leave in slick and shine conditioner i was going to use the curl gel after rinsing the Garnier out but my hair automatically started curling really pretty (same way if i would detailed with gel)  so i decided to leave it in. I’m so happy and excited about the results. 2marr i’ll revive my hair with the curl in the morn. Try tell me what you think ;)

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